“My change is in all aspects: better communication with my children, be a better mom... It is truly possible to make changes.”

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In MOSAIC LINC levels 1 TO 4, you will learn English to help you:

  • Talk to Canadian friends and neighbours
  • Talk to teachers and doctors
  • Talk to people in stores and community places
  • Learn about Canada
  • Learn about Canada’s laws and systems
  • Learn English grammar and pronunciation
  • Use English in many everyday situations
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Client Story: 

"I would like to thank MOSAIC English Language Centres and all school staff. Especially the teachers, Hussain has always encouraged me when I was in Level Two, and Sabina had provided good advice and information on what I needed in my life. She was always helping. This allowed me to talk to everyone. I learned a lot of things at MOSAIC. Now I can do everything by myself. I can visit the family doctor. I can shop and I can make phone calls without a translator. Therefore, I thank MOSAIC for all of it!" ~Methal Al-Saegh, Level 3 student

“I am very happy at MOSAIC because I have learned a lot of English and the teachers are very friendly. I love MOSAIC. Thank you. “ ~Claudia, Level 3 student

“When I started MOSAIC, I felt good. I like my classes and teachers at MOSAIC…I learn helpful English I use a lot, everywhere.” ~Almaz, Level 3 student

“I think it is good to learn some daily English… The teacher always encourages us to speak and listen to English. We will do better in future.” ~Quan Lin, Level 3 student

“I think MOSAIC is a very nice school for immigrants. We can learn lots of things about Canada life in our classes. At MOSAIC I learned lots of useful English. I’m very thankful for this school.” ~Lisa, Level 3 student

“I studied at MOSAIC about two years. I think MOSAIC is a good ESL school because they have many experienced teachers – they are very patient and friendly. Their programs are good for new immigrants. I can learn a lot about Canada. I like MOSAIC.” ~Jane, Level 1 to 3 student 

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