A site where community workers and newcomers can find legal information and community resources in their own language


This tutorial provides an overview of the different sections this web site is organized into, and search tips to help you navigate and find the information you are looking for.

The site’s structure has the following components: 

  • About us: Describes the Multilingual Legal Web Project objectives
  • FAQ: Answers frequently asked questions about the Website.
  • Multilingual Legal Publications: Presents the publications sorted by language and subject, and includes a section that lets you search by keyword.
  • Resources: Links to other sites relevant to those interested in finding more information and/or services.
  • Newsletters: Newsletters, current events and past issues.
  • Information: Subscribe to our newsletter and get general information and other news related to Multilingual Legal Publications.
  • Submission Guidelines: Describes the types of publications that can be submitted and how. 
  • Spotlight on a Community Group: Highlights main features of community groups that address issues related to the needs of immigrants, refugees or newcomer communities.
  • Hot off the press: Lists and links to the latest publications that have been incorporated into the site.
  • Featured item: Highlights one multilingual legal publication.

You can find the information you are looking for by using the following options in the Multilingual Legal Toolbar found at the top of every page of this Website:
1. Publications Search: Type a word (in English) in the first search box in the toolbar. For example, type the word “welfare” and a new window will open listing all the entries related to this topic.
2. Publications by Language: Select from the list of 10 written languages (Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese). All publications available in that language will appear. To access a particular publication from the list, click on “View publication in [language]” or click on the publication’s cover that appears to the right of the document’s description, if available.
To refine the search by subject in languages other than English click on any of the subjects listed in the target language in the window entitled “Subjects in [language]” that appears on top of the disclaimer and the listing of publications.
3. Publications by Subject (in English): From the drop-down box of subjects (in English) you can browse and select the one you are looking for or would like to examine. For example, if you choose the subject “Abuse,” a window will open with the list of publications available on that subject (in English). Links to all the other languages in which the document is also available are also listed, under the “Available in” tab.
Searches are not case sensitive. The same publications will be displayed whether you type “seniors” or “SENIORS.”¶
Do not use quotation marks or symbols when searching by keyword because they are not recognized as valid search terms. If you use them you will receive the following error message: “No posts found.” ¶
If you have any questions or require more information about Multilingual Legal Publications, contact us at multilingual@mosaicbc.com.

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